Georgia Michaelide Saad


Silk road iris 1 Iris kirkwoodiae


Georgia Michaelide Saad
Nature has been the primary inspiration for my work for many years. In our contemporary existence, when nature is continuously threatened with destruction, it is vitally important that we respect our connection to the natural world and that we allow nature to extend and renew our experience of the world, instead of focusing solely on anthropocentric concerns. 

I originally worked with landscape representations in which I used the form of the fragment ( the paintings are interpretations of fragments of nature ). The fragment , however , relates at the same time to a larger , transcendent reality which gives unity and coherence to the fragments. 

In my previous work the idea of transcendence was central. Transcendence has a long history, and it is connected to theories about the sublime as expressed in the work of philosophers such as Edmund Burke, Immanuel Kant, Jean-François Lyotard and Jacques Derrida, to name a few. Their ideas about the sublime, however, considering that they belong to different time periods and worldviews, differ from each other. The concept of transcendence may have been of primary importance to the aesthetics of Romanticism but in contemporary times an instinctive feeling for the transcendent is very rare. As a result of secularism, together with increasing global awareness and media sophistication, we seem less inclined to accept any kind of experience which cannot be perceived solely by our senses and we are very skeptical of concepts such as transcendence. Postmodern culture differs from Romanticism, in its skeptical attitude to overarching master concepts, such as nature, reason, or the divine.

In relation to my work, I understand transcendence to be something which arises whenever we, as subjects, become aware of a dimension of experience which is not exclusively based on the sensory. I attempt to evoke this dimension of experience through my representations of nature.

In my previous paintings I had been exploring natural forms, in particular, close-ups of flowers and I used fragments of flowers to imply that they had been severed from a greater whole. Fragments may be understood as something which is damaged, less than whole, incomplete. In my paintings, however, I used the fragments to indicate that they related to a larger, transcendent reality which gave them unity and coherence. To quote David Morgan, “transcendence posits a mystery present in the work of art as the encounter with a metaphysical order beyond or hidden within the ordinary, sensuous world”. (David Morgan, “Secret Wisdom and Self-Effacement: The Spiritual in the Modern Age”, in, Negotiating Rapture: The Power of Art to Transform Lives. Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1996) In my paintings of flowers, my intention was to expose the secret, and transcendent, world which hides behind ordinary reality. I painted the flowers enlarged and in great detail, so as to communicate the feeling of awe and mystery which I experience before even the minutest forms of nature. Flowers to me are representative of the microcosm in relation to the macrocosm, the finite as expressive of the infinite.

The concept of a transcendent reality, as discovered in nature has been expressed in the work of the Romantic painters, such as, for example, Caspar David Friedrich and John Constable, in the work of Vincent van Gogh, and in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe but, even though I share an affinity with their views, my paintings (except for the work of Georgia O’Keeffe) do not bear a formal resemblance to their work.

Flowers, however, are also associated with a long-standing tradition which connects them to female sexuality, and the flowers which I have mostly used resemble in form the female genitalia.

I use traditional materials such as oil paints , brushes and canvas , as I find them suitable to my method of working and I consider them to belong to the craft of painting which is of primary concern to me.

My paintings are ultimately expressive of my attempts to find unity and continuity in a contemporary experience which is characterized by flux and relativity.

Georgia Michaelides Saad


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Limassol, Cyprus . Lived in South Africa ( 1968 – 1996). Returned to Cyprus in 1996 where I have been living since


University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg , Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts ( Painting). ( 1972 – 1976)

University of the Witwatersrand , Johannesburg. Higher Diploma in Education ( postgraduate) for secondary education. ( 1977)

University of South Africa, Pretoria. Master of Arts in Fine Arts ( Painting) (1990 – 1996)

Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol. Master of Arts in History and Theory of Art. (2022)


Robin Aldwinckle Merit Bursary. Master of Arts in Fine Arts degree at the University of South Africa (1994)

The Art Acquisition Department of the National Art Museum of China,   bought my work,  Iris Bostrensis, Silk Road with which I participated in “The Silk Road and World’s Civilizations: The 7TH Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2017” for the National Art Museum of China.

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 Merit Certificate.

Excellence Award for exceptional achievement in the Master of Arts in History and Theory of Art degree at the Cyprus University of Technology (2022)

Merit Certificate for academic achievement in my general average. Master of Arts in History and Theory of Art degree at the Cyprus University of Technology (2022)

Merit Certificate for academic achievement in my dissertation. Master of Arts in History and Theory of Art degree the Cyprus University of  Technology

Honorable Mention Winner for the EVOLVE exhibition competition (2022)

Best Art Awards 2023 Certificate, 2nd prize in the Flowers Category


Saad, Georgia. “Intimations of infinity: exploring transcendence in landscape painting”. MA.FA dissertation (1996) Pretoria: University of South Africa.

Michaelidou, Georgia. “The Mediterranean in the Ottoman Novels of Orhan Pamuk. The White Castle and My Name is Red ”. ΜΑ History and Theory of Art  dissertation (2022). Limassol: Cyprus University of Technology.

Works in Public Collections

 Ministry of Education and Culture , Nicosia , Cyprus

Municipal Art Gallery , Nicosia, Cyprus

Municipal Art Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

Museum of Loukia and Michalakis Zampelas, Nicosia, Cyprus

The National Art Museum of China collection, Beijing, China

Works in private collections 

Some of my works are in private collections in South Africa, Cyprus, France, England, Germany, Ireland, Canada and Russia.

Publications in which my work appears

– The Silk Road and World Civilizations: The album of the seventh Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2017. Compiled by China Artists Association. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.
– Ancient and medieval parallels in contemporary Cypriot art. Copyright for the book: Municipality of Limassol. Copyright for the text: Nadia Anaxagorou.
– 50 Χρόνια ΕΚΑΤΕ. Λευκωσία: bookworm publication.
– Lemesos 2009: Recent Visual Trends and Perspectives. 2009. Limassol. Chamber of Fine Arts Limassol Municipality.
– Enlargement of the European Union: Celebrating accession 2004. 2004 London : International Systems and Communications in association with the European Commisions Directorate – General for Enlargement.
– Cypriot artists of the 3rd Millenium. 2002. Nicosia: Zampelas Art
– A directory of South African contemporary art: Volume 1 painting 1997/1998.1997. Stanford: Contemporary Arts Publishers in Association with Africus Institute for Contemporary art.

Professional Experience
1978 – 2017  Taught  Art at secondary school level at various  schools in South Africa and Cyprus

Membership to organizations
Member of the Board of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts ( EKATE)

Red Iris 110cm x 90cm


Silk road iris 2 Iris bostrensis



2023 ARTBOX.PROJECT, Miami 4.0, Miami Art Weeks, (December 6 – December 10 2023) Digital participation

2023 VisibleInvisible, event by Luminous Eye art gallery and, Athens, Greece                      

2023 Mediterranean Wanderings, Limassol Municipal Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus 

2023 ARTBOX.PROJECT BASEL 2.0, ARTBOXEXPO Basel, (digital participation)  

2023 ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 2.0, NYC Artexpo, Manhattan, New York, USA (digital participation) 

2022 Mysterium Tremendum, solo exhibition, Exhibit8 gallery, Limassol, Cyprus                                     

2022 ARTBOX PROJECT Venezia 1.0. Biennale Art Expo, Tana Art, Space, Venice, Italy 

2021 Artworks in Quarantine Time, group show, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2020 Shanghai International Art Fair 2nd Edition, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai.

2020 Nomination/Participation in the Global Art Awards

2020 Botanical Online Exhibition, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. USA

2020 Art Museum 3D Virtual Gallery: International Interactive Contemporary Art Expo, Queen ArtStudio Gallery, Padua, Italy.

2020 Women of the World 2020, New York City, USA. This exhibition has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak

2019-2020 Homage to Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition, Museo Gustavo de Maeztu, Estella-Navarra, Spain.

2019 ARTBOX. PROJECT, Miami 2.0, Miami Artweeks, Miami, Florida 2019 International exhibition of contemporary art, Over the Realms IV Edition, Museo Luigi Bellini, Florence, Italy.

2019  International exhibition of contemporary art, Over the Realms III Edition, La Pigna Gallery, Rome, Italy.

2019  Exposition on the ARTBOX.SCREEN, ARTBOX GALLERY and the art platform ARTSY, Zurich, Switzerland.

2018  Secretum Hortus solo exhibition, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2018 Work selected to participate in Confluence’18 (an international artists’ show) – Fifth edition 2018, Galerie Eterne, New Delhi, India. 

2017  The Silk Road and World’s Civilizations: the 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, China,2017, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China. 

2016- 2017 40 Years group show, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

2015 – 2016 Un Seul Grain de Riz group exhibition, International ‘ Small Format ‘ Art Competition & Show, Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France.

2015 Art on Your Plate exhibition, Pegasus Art Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus.

2015 CHEAPART group show, The Trade Event Venue, Limassol, Cyprus.

2015 CHEAPART group show, To Phytorio, Municipal Gardens, Nicosia, Cyprus

2014 Christmas group show at Gloria Gallery,, Nicosia

2014 50 years E.KA.TE group show, Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Limassol

2014 50 years E.KA.TE group show, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia

2014 50 years E.KA.TE gropu show , Municipal Art Gallery,  Larnaca

2014 50 years E.KA.TE group show, Old Powerhouse, Paphos

2014 CHEAPART group show, Zacharias Gallery, Limassol

2013 Christmas group show at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia

2013 Book presentation at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia.The book comprised illustrated Cavafy poems, and I participated with two illustrations.

2012 Works on consignment at Minima Gallery, Mykonos

2012 Group Exhibition at Arthouse 59 Vinaigrette. Limassol

2011 Solo exhibition at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia

2010 Summer Events at the Castle, 50 Years of the Republic of Cyprus Limassol Visual Artists at the Castle, Medieval Castle, Limassol

2009 : Recent Visual Trends and Perspectives, Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Limassol

2009 50 x 50 x 50 group exhibition, Orpheus Gallery, Limassol.

2008 50 x 50 x 50 group exhibition, Orpheus gallery, Limassol.

2007 – 2008 Self – portrait group exhibition, YK : EMX, Nicosia Municipal Arts

2007 Crossfire group exhibition, Melina Mercouri Hall, Nicosia.

2006 Cyprus Green Party group show, Zacharias gallery, Limassol.

2005 Solo exhibition at Orpheus gallery, Limassol.

2005 Solo exhibition at Apocalypse gallery, Nicosia.

2002 Cypriot Painters of the 3rd Millenium group show at Famagusta Gate, Nicosia.

2001 Solo exhibition, Apocalypse gallery, Nicosia.

Exhibitions in South Africa 1996 Solo MAFA exhibition, Visual Arts Building gallery, Harmonie Campus, UNISA, Pretoria.

1995 Kempton Park Fine Arts Awards exhibition, Kempton Park gallery, Kempton Park .

1994 UNISA ( University of South Africa) postgraduate students Show, UNISA gallery, Pretoria.

1991 Art Co – operative group show, de Vignon von Alphen gallery, Knysna .

1990 Wildlife group show, de Vignon von Alphen gallery, Knysna.

1989 New Visions group show, Market gallery, Newtown, Johannesburg.

1986 Gallant House group show,. Johannesburg.

1985 Women’s Festival group show, Natalie Knight gallery, Johannesburg.

1976 BAFA Graduates exhibition , Gertrude Posel gallery, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.